What DO WE DO?

The Democratic Education Network is an academic student-led organization of the Department of Politics and IR at the University of Westminster.

We engage with local and international communities to learn from them and collaborate with them. Our members also apply their personal knowledge, ideas and skills through different DEN projects to make a difference in these communities.

DEN is based on the idea that as young citizens, students should engage with the world around them. By engaging with London communities and other communities abroad, students create numerous links and become increasingly aware of today's reality. This will be greatly beneficial for DEN members later in life, as they will be able to apply their gained experience in future life challenges.


WHAT do you want to do?

Established in September 2016, DEN is the product of years of DPIR’s expertise in several projects and the commitment of its student members. Our novelty and expertise allows us to explore new boundaries for our student-led projects. DEN is ultimately a facilitator for your ideas and community projects. 






DEN members meet every week on Tuesdays from 4PM to 7PM. Our HQs are in the Common Room in Wells Street - that is in the basement and you are most welcome to attend

Come to the meeting and bring your skills, interests and ideas for projects.





Within the University of Westminster:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Department of Politics and International Relations

Center for the Study of Democracy

Outside the University of Westminster:

DEN makes working partnerships with local minority and diasporic communities in London, and develops exchanges of knowledge between students and practitioners.  

Race on the Agenda (ROTA)  Training Partner - Exchanges

Participedia   Research - Democratic Governance