The theatre is a platform we need to use to express social and political issues that affect us as people and show who we are, make the stage belong to us. With these small steps along with the energy and love we can show the world, we, the young people matter, and step by step we can change the world we live in!  In 2017, DEN students hosted our very first in house theatre production which was written, produced and acted by our students. Take a look at the experience of all the students who were a part of this production-

My favorite line is....

”We trusted you to teach us”

Black history is relatable to everyone, no matter where you are from or the colour of your skin. Sometimes some issues are hard to talk about, hard to open about. Theatre allows us to express anything, especially social issues like fitting in society and issues regarding the colour of our skin. The stage is where the actor can be oneself in character and own the stage, own the audience and own the night. Space belongs to whoever is on that stage and every single member of the audience, will experience a different ride, a different roller coaster. They will understand this production in relation to themselves, and in a way appreciate whoever is on the stage of forming this sort of thought bubble they will be stuck in their head the whole night.

- Beatrice Duduianu

“I am alone here in this world. Away from home.

 Away from what matters to me. I try to fit in here.

To look like them”

The purpose of the production is what made me eager to join in and be a part of it, even though it’s 2017 and we might think these issues don’t exist anymore, it does, it really does. This production is trying to raise awareness to one of the issues that still exist. The experience we all gained from this production was unforgettable, it created a long-lasting bond between the cast.

- Hazal Akilli


“I feel light, literally feel it. It’s that light that connects me to you, because physics GCSE taught me that everything is touching, so in a way, the light on me and the light on you mean that we are touching So, did you feel me? Did you believe me? Did you trust me enough to listen?”

I’ve joined the production because of what this quote means to me .... rarely do we get the chance to speak out and let our voices heard, especially in a creative manner like this .. and the fact that we are all of the different races, ethnicity, ages, but still we are the same coming together for one purpose: to be heard, makes this more than a production or project for me but a movement.

- Keletso Kesupil


“(Ziyad carries Kay off stage)”

“There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard” Arundhati Roy. I think traditionally theatre has been one of the places that the “deliberately silenced” or “unheard” voices can be heard. I joined just for that reason to make the audience hear us. Even if it meant to be for very few people.

- Khalil Rahman Sabawon


“How deeply do you need to know yourself, who you are, your history; to be in front of people and not be putting on a performance”

This line is very relatable to many people. But for the context of the play, it highlights just how grave the issue of not teaching black history is. It is erasing a culture that has been violated by many different societies. The loss of your culture can make you feel lost in who you are. I joined the production as its something that intrigued me from the very beginning. The play itself is about Black history and how it’s not being represented well within the system of the western world when both; reality and histories are intertwined. If we don’t do plays or write any sort of Literature on the failures of the western society in teaching black history, then it will just disappear over time. That would be a tragedy. The production has evolved to talk about the many failures of the multicultural society that we exist in.

- Rosema Nawaz


“Perhaps I was speaking in the wrong language, or perhaps YOU were told my language is not understandable”

I joined because the production is an amazing way of raising awareness to the fact that past injustices are still very much alive. And while we can celebrate the accomplishments of historic revolutionaries we should also learn from them and become the revolution of today. -

- Safaa Attiah


“Try not to see what happens here as good or bad, but as a way of getting through”

The reason why that this is my favorite line is that it reflects survival being the only option regardless of what methods you use to survive. Interacting with new people and getting closer to friends, a lot of people do things or have done things that are seen as bad. However, they never saw it as that but the only way to survive from their darkness or the darkness surrounding them. The only thing you can do is not judge because you can see their pain when speaking of these events. I’m doing the production because the script practically highlights my life and my perspective on life. The production also allows me to express myself in another creative manner. Additionally, it will help me boost my confidence.

- Jamal Wilson


"I think that is the hardest thing in the world to do, to just be you“

Why I decided to join this group is because of the message it aims to get through to people through with the use of creative arts which I find to be powerful, being used as a platform to discuss injustices against black people but to also celebrate black excellence-both of which are crucial to addressing in today's society.

- Anah Butt


"Can you actually say you truly know someone, when we're always changing?"

Going to the Tate exhibition really changed the way I perceive the world. In such harsh world to live in you would think that all traces of hope and happiness would disappear. But I was pleasantly surprised. The artwork made me more determined and positive that the world can change.

- Ibrahim Seedat