Learn more about our adventures in Georgia through the travel journeys of our students.


Georgia on my mind


Georgia has plenty for us to discover. I hope to have a day trip into the mountain region (a recce for a possible future ski holiday) which is a few hours by minibus from Tbilisi. I am also looking forward to walking tours of the city, taking in the beautiful cathedrals, old town, peace bridge and aerial tramway. So, check back for updates on our Georgian adventures.



Georgia: Heaven on Earth

We all had some very different opinions about Tbilisi before our trip, having been ruled by different kingdoms over the centuries it was difficult to picture the fusion of Persian, Turkish, Russian and Georgian culture. Georgia was nothing like we could have imagined the stunning green landscape and rivers that surround the city of Tbilisi is serene.


Georgia in my heart

It has been a mind-blowing experience from the moment we stepped off the plane (or perhaps before that, as we travelled through the night with a stop-over in Istanbul) and were met by our most hospitable of hosts, Giorgi Tsiklauri, and our fellow Westminster student and Georgian resident who would be our incredibly capable interpreter, David Kenkadze.