The student-led Democratic Education Network hosted an exhibition titled Silent Oppressions at the University of Westminster, London. Silent Oppressions is a visual art exhibition focused on promoting awareness and providing an artistic approach to the seemingly invisible issue of microsexism and various other topics related to gender oppression. Whilst it is a gender themed event, the exhibition aims to explore the issues facing gender, race, and sexuality which are thoroughly interlinked into one another.

Silent Oppressions has been one of the very effective and significant initiatives of DEN. It was first hosted in conjunction with International Women’s Month 2017 rounding off the University of Westminster’s and Democratic Education Network’s (DEN) series on gender. Since then it has been organized thrice in the period of two years covering various topics including that of mensuration taboos covered in the last exhibition.

The International Women’s Day 2017 campaign theme #BeBoldForChange calls on each one of us - women, men and non-binary people to join forces to be leaders within our own spheres of influence by taking bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity. Silent Oppressions has been hosted thrice in 2017 with the last exhibition, we launched the campaign #WEBLEED.PERIOD in our attempt to spread awareness about the taboos surrounding periods. The aim of this exhibition has been to bring together art and academia, showcasing new artistic student talent complementing academic research on gender presented by both established academics and students who have taken a specialized interest in gender studies thereby bringing together works from both social science and the arts. The exhibition featured canvas artwork, a curated photography series, interactive workshops, live performances and a short film screening.

With the upcoming Women’s History Month coming up in March. Silent Oppressions returns to continue the #WEBLEED.PERIOD campaign.  We urge you all to mail us any comments, suggestions or ideas that you may think we should include in our upcoming event. You could email us at Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details-