Global Partners




One of the key principles of DEN is global engagement with international partners around the world. To achieve this, DEN has led and developed links with organisations, universities and communities around the world through students. The higher education has a special place to develop an infrastructure with students around the world to meet, communicate and exchange knowledge regardless their nationalities. We have organised numerous field trips to other universities abroad, where students have played a key part to co-create projects and modules with the support of other academics in both the University of Westminster and other universities such as Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Georgia, Taiwan, India and Peru. DEN has shared these good practices not only within our University but also the global partners including None Governmental Organisations.


Such projects apart from contributing directly to increasing student satisfaction, also develops students’ creativity, skills, knowledge and vision.


DEN has organized two International Conferences in May 2017 and 2018 involving students from all over the world. This conference encourages students to present on topics including: economics, security, gender, democracy, international institutions, development, law, and cultural studies.


DEN’s objective is to provide a forum for students not just in a scholarly engagement but also to enable them to express their opinions and lead change.